Middle Tisza District Water Directorate

The Middle Tisza District Water Directorate (MTDWD) is a public body with primary task to maintain and operate the water management facilities within its operational area, which covers 7200 km2 in the middle of East-Hungary, including 102 municipalities. The operation of the organisation combines theoretical and practical aspects of water management.: On one hand, it maintains the flood risk management planning process by updating maps, planning measures. On the other hand, it practically operates the hydrological systems in the Middle-Tisza Valley region. MTDWD is in close cooperation with the relevant stakeholders of the Middle-Tisza Region by which it supports to ensure the implementation of the project outputs. MTDWD contributes to the successful project execution by utilizing its relevant experiences in international projects’ management and implementation e.g.: RAINMAN, FramWat, JOINTISZA, Danube Floodplain.


 Attila Lovaslovas.attila@kotivizig.hu
 Judit Palatinustiszaoffice@kotivizig.hu
Melinda Vácitiszaoffice@kotivizig.hu
Gábor Harsányiharsanyi.gabor@kotivizig.hu
 Anikó Szekeresszekeres.aniko@kotivizig.hu
Péter Sólyomsolyom.peter@kotivizig.hu
Dávid Béla Vizivizi.david.bela@kotivizig.hu
Gebäude MTDWD

Boldog Sándor István krt. 4.
5000 Szolnok

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