Project specific objectives

1. Development and validation of a framework of tools (Toolbox) for integrated and cross-beneficial strategies and measures for climate change adaptation and prevention/reduction of related risks:

 The tools delivered by selected CE projects are valuable

  • to manage the effects of heavy rain and floods,
  •  exploit small water retention measures, 
  • protect drinking water through sustainable land use and 
  • properly manage forests under climate change.

Capitalisation of these tools will include

  • making them "climate proof" and applicable under likely future scenarios and
  • integrating them in a comprehensive Toolbox to tackle interacting water-related issues

2. Capacity building for climate change adaptation and risk prevention through intense interactive stakeholders´involvement on national, regional and local level and across sectors in Central Europe:

Development of an applicable integrated toolbox and its implementation is possible only with intense interactive involvement of stakeholders. Therefore two stakeholder workshops with interaction between experts and stakeholders (policy makers/operators) in each participating country will be conducted.

3. Boosting integrated participatory water management by interaction with target groups when downstreaming innovative tools and strategies for climate change adaptation and prevention of related risks in Central Europe:

The project will integrate the knowledge potential of all involved projects and support the participatory mechanisms by documented learning interaction focusing on the empowerment of local stakeholders and their competences.

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