Stakeholder training Workshop Poland (Lower Silesia)

Four presentations were presented during the workshops. The gathered participants were asked to complete some questionnaires. After all presentations, participants could join the discussion and they took part in a guided tour of the TOOLBOX (participants received a login and password prepared for the 2nd workshop). During this guided tour they could try the Toolbox on their own, check out its functions and possibilities to make them familiar with the Toolbox.

The main points of the workshop meeting:

  • M. Adynkiewicz-Piragas – presentation “TEACHER-CE Project presentation”
  • I. Lejcuś – presentation “Project TEACHER-CE – CC-ARP-CE Toolbox”
  • I. Otop – presentation – “Pilot area of the Nysa Łużycka catchment PA4”
  • B. Miszuk – presentation “TEACHER-CE and water management strategies”
  • I. Zdralewicz – guided tour of the Toolbox
  • On-line questionnaire – reference to fields of action
  • On-line questionnaire – reference to ranking and catalogue of measures
  • On-line questionnaire – reference to climate indicators and functionality of the tool
  • On-line questionnaire -reference to strategy

The results of all the above surveys gave the opportunity to familiarize with the main questions (issues) from CONCEPT OF THE NATIONAL STAKEHOLDER TRAINING WORKSHOPS (D.T3.2.1) and were the beginning of the discussion, because responses from participants were visible on-line as preliminary results.

The last part was an on-line workshop evaluation questionnaire.

STH WS Lower Silesia
STH WS Lower Silesia 2