Stakeholder Workshop Slovekia

The survey was prepared in national language. Short PowerPoint presentation of the toolbox in national language together with the commented video-presentation in English were provided to the participants. The survey was distributed to 68 stakeholders in water, environmental, agricultural and related sectors, to representatives of decision makers, administration, municipalities, academia and water management companies from local to national level. Together 24 surveys returned. Together, 29% of the survey came from national water management company, 25% from academic sector, 22% from national executive and offices, 21% from regional decision makers, and 3% from water related NGO.

Key messages from the stakeholders are following:

  • Practical climate change adaptation was dissatisfactory implemented.
  • Stakeholders perceived climate change adaptation as important, and some recognized challenging aspects of holistic adaptation approach .
  • Management of water resources was sectorally divided and cooperation dissatisfactory.
  • Stakeholders identified 11 main obstacles hampering the adaptation to climate change in water sectors.
  • Less than half of the stakeholders understood the approach of the toolbox as described online. More than half found it useful for their work. 
  • They suggested four improvements, five new parameters, and provided eight tools they are using in their work.
  • It was strongly recommended that the use of the toolbox will become legally binding for the institutions.