Stakeholder Workshop Germany

The TEACHER-CE stakeholder workshop in Saxony (embedded in the STRIMA II final conference) consisted of three parts. The workshop was prepared by an online questionnaire to the participants. In the first part of the workshop, Anna Goris, INFRASTRUKTUR & UMWELT (IU), presented the project and explained how the results of TEACHER-CE will support people working in the field of water management in adapting to climate change. The idea of the TEACHER-CE toolbox as an umbrella tool for established tools developed in other projects was highlighted. Especially the role and importance of the pilot activity in Germany in the project and for the development of the TEACHER-CE toolbox was explained. Vice versa the benefits of such a toolbox, if tailored according the expressed needs of the stakeholders, were presented.
In the second part of the workshop, LfULG presented data for the pilot area, the county of Görlitz, that impressively demonstrated the impact of climate change in the pilot area.  
In the third part, the participants discussed the areas of water management in which action is needed to adapt to climate change, moderated by Peter Heiland and Anna Goris (IU). Supported by the online questionnaire, the workshop addressed fundamental topics for the development of the Teacher-CE Toolbox. On the one hand, the stakeholders reviewed which instruments in the field of water management already exist for assessing the impacts of climate change and for adapting to them. On the other hand, it was discussed which instruments are lacking for the adaptation of water management to climate change. In this context, stakeholder requirements for planning instruments were identified.
The stakeholder workshop took place in the framework of the final conference of STRIMA II. This allowed a wider audience to be addressed and synergies between the projects could be demonstrated. STRIMA II is one of the projects that will be further exploited in the TEACHER-CE Toolbox.

stakeholder WS Germany