Stakeholder Workshop Italy

Based on the Italian Pilot Action Enza basin discussion was focused on: synergies/conflicts – needs and requirements for the toolbox – tools already used in everyday activities.

Participants highlighted a contrast between general awareness of climate change impacts in different “water sectors” and among citizens, and the weak response in terms of measures related to mitigation of and adaptation to climate change impacts. The importance of working at basin scale instead of working just there where impacts happen, increasing “maintenance” of mountain and forested areas, and the importance of increasing soil and wetlands ecosystem functions, and in general to increase awareness of the importance of ecosystem functions and value.

Stakeholders highlighted the need for:

  1. integration between measures and water sectors, often requiring opposite interventions, clearing the impact of the different choices – this could be done through modularity of the tool;
  2. indicators already known and used, introducing economic indicators as significant when dealing with different managing options
  3. coupling mitigation measures with the adaptation ones
  4. education and training on climate change
  5. implementation of Climate change scenarios in many of the tools used in Italy to manage water resources

Workshop Italy
Workshop Italy