Stakeholder training workshop Austria

The two Austrian project partners PP6 (BOKU) and PP7 (BFW) conducted an online workshop on 19.10.2021 with a broad range of participants. Although only 9 people participated at the end, it has to be mentioned, that all of them were coming from different institutions on different levels and different field of actions, so that a wide spectrum of stakeholders was covered. The discussion after the presentations was very fruitful and efficient.

Generally, the Toolbox was seen as an interesting instrument for the presence and the future, especially due to integrated climate scenarios and indicators, showing a huge amount of recommended measures in various land uses based on well-founded previous studies and projects. Thus, this Toolbox could play an important role for decision-making processes in the future to enhance transparency and acceptance within involved stakeholders. This means, that it should be spread also to other stakeholder groups and the access should be made very user-friendly and easy, so that it can be really used and improved through additional inserted issues or comments.

Water scarcity and drought risk management were seen as the most challenging issue for the future, followed by other fields of action (drinking water supply, fluvial and pluvial flood risk, increase of irrigation) correlated with climate change.

One crucial issue will be the administration and applicability of the Toolbox for interested stakeholders also after project end.