Concept of CE tools integration

In a first step, the partnership will review measures and tools developed and tested in previously funded projects focused on water-related issues including floods/heavy rain, droughts, small water retention measures, land use management impacts on drinking water and adaptation of forests to climate change.

The key challenge of this Work package is harmonization of the provided tools of different projects, verifying their robustness and the potential interaction of various climate change impacts.

By means of national stakeholder workshops in each partner country the integrated tool concept/framework will be validated and stakeholders´ needs and demands defined.

Lead Partner, KO-Meeting

Summary of the Work Package

Summary of the national Start-up Workshops

Outputs :
O.T.1.1 Concept for integration of exploited tools for climate change adaptation and risk prevention
O.T.1.2 Summary and conclusions of stakeholder participatory process

D.T1.1.1 Synopsis of selected project tools
D.T1.1.3 Impacts of climate change on water management
D.T.1.2.1. Concept for tools integration

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