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The University of Ljubljana (UL) is a public, autonomous university of education, research and artistic institution of higher education with 23 faculties and 3 academies. It is the largest educational institution in the country, and has the greatest research potential in Slovenia. The TEACHER-CE involves three faculties.

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF) has experiences in research on water resources (WR) research; management and protection of WR, providing quality and quantity status of WR (especially drinking WR) in relation to natural (climate) and anthropogenic (land use) changes etc.
  • Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering (FGG) has experience in the field of flood management and nature based solutions and integrated water management including the development of various DSS.
  • Biotechnical Faculty (BF) has experience in agriculture and its impact on WR, ecosystem services and nature based solutions for WR protection. UL has adequate professional and educational experience and provides important links between experts and stakeholders, and is therefore essential for the dissemination of project results.

 As project leader, UL will be actively involved in all activities of the TEACHER-CE project. UL also leads the thematic work package WP T2 – Integrated Toolbox development, which focuses on existing results, particularly tools from previously funded projects, which will be combined into an integrated Toolbox aimed at addressing challenges to integrated water management, including climate change adaptation and prevention of weather and climate-related risks. UL experts will be actively involved in the conceptualization of the integrated toolbox and its development and implementation. Knowledge and experience will be implemented in the pilot action and the results will be included in the recommendations for successful management of the climate change adaptation process, bridging the gap between the top-down and the bottom-up approach. As an educational institution, UL will transfer and capitalize on knowledge and disseminate the results to students, experts and the general public, thereby supporting participatory dialog with stakeholders in the field of land use and WR management and flood protection.

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering


Barbara Čenčur Curk barbara.cencur@ntf.uni-lj.si
Jerca Praprotnik Kastelic jerca.praprotnik.kastelic@ntf.uni-lj.si
Anja Torkar anja.torkar@ntf.uni-lj.si
Ana Strgar ana.strgar@ntf.uni-lj.si

Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering


Primož Banovec primoz.banovec@fgg.uni-lj.si
Ajda Cilenšek ajda.cilensek@fgg.uni-lj.si
Žiga Ščukovt ziga.scukovt@fgg.uni-lj.si
Matej Cerk matej.cerk@fgg.uni-lj.si

Gebäude UL

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