The first six months TOGETEHR

The first six months of the implementation of TOGETHER were devoted to making the clogs moving the project machine work, starting with the subscription of the contracts regulating the legal framework of the project, the rights and duties of the entire partnership. In addition, partners set up the Project Offices composing the TOGETHER professional community that met altogether twice during the first period, in Italy and Croatia.

 Transnational cooperation calls for a dialogical approach based on the constant interaction and discussion among partners, consequently, partners have been frequently involved in virtual meetings and in an intensive correspondence aiming at clarifying doubts, sharing experiences, knowledge and team building.

 In order to guarantee a harmonisation of the partners’ inputs, the partnership adopted, at transnational level, standard thematic templates, used at local level for collecting information and for gathering resources, underpinning the common deliverables. Specific thematic templates were co-proposed, adopted and administrated to the partners in order to:

1) learn about their training needs and expertise;

2) acquire technical information related to the thematic equipment planned, energy audit procedures and pilot buildings selected in each partner region;

3) collect available resources related to the energy efficiency measures and ideas for case studies;  

4) interview external experts, that could inspire the development of the first outputs mainly in the training paths field.

 At local level, partners started to dialogue with the pre-defined target groups and to engage the most predictable buildings users, i.e. the buildings managers and owners, with the aim to enhance the involvement and engagement of the other buildings players such as the occupants. The partners started to communicate externally the project through the project website, social media , the participation in external events outside the partnership and the first articles in specialised magazines.