Results of the call for training experts in the field of energy efficiency in public buildings

We are pleased to announce that the consortium of the TOGETHER project finalized the selection of the 4 thematic experts who will provide training activities during the Master Train-the-Trainer workshop taking place in Cracow (Poland) on the 20-23 of February 2017. The training is addressed to project partners and aiming to increase their knowledge and training capacities in the area of technical, financial, behavioural and analytical solutions that may be implemented in public buildings to increase their energy efficiency.

The open call for training experts was announced on the 15th of December 2016 and by the 5th of January 2017 (call closure) 12 applications were received, including:

  • 4 applications for the position of the technical training expert
  • 3 applications for the position of the financial training expert
  • 3 applications for the position of the behavioural training expert
  • 2 applications for analytical training expert

All applications were accepted as minimum requirements set were met. Then, they were thoroughly analysed by the evaluation team based on pre-defined evaluation sheets (see announcement of the call). The evaluation included:

  • economic evaluation, i.e. evaluation of the cost of expert's participation and contribution to the training (based on the price offered by the candidate)
  • technical evaluation, i.e. evaluation of expert's training experience & skills, thematic knowledge and possible added value to the training (based on the information given in the application form)

All applications were of very good quality. The highest number of points in each training category was granted to following candidates, who were selected as the training experts for the Cracow training:


  • Technical training expert - Cvetko Fendre, Slovenia - 86,25 points (per maximum of 120 points)
  • Financial training expert - Aleksandra Novikova, Germany - 97 points (per maximum of 120 points)
  • Behavioural training expert - Manuel Nina, Portugal - 93,5 points (per maximum of 120 points)
  • Analytical training expert - Kristaps Kass, Latvia - 77,75 points (per maximum of 120 points)

More detailed information on the call results will be sent to all candidates via e-mail. Selected training experts will be contacted by the 20th of January 2017 to set the details of their involvement in the Cracow trainings.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their offers!