Dissemination of pilot system in Slovenia

Faculty of Energy Technology, University of Maribor, as a partner in international project Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE 2014- 2020 “TOGETHER - TOwards a Goal of Efficiency THorugh Energy Reduction”, successfully installed the smart meters systems in four pilot buildings, located in Slovenia, in Krsko and Maribor. These systems enable efficient management of energy and provide the users the feedback information of real energy consumption. The gained information are used for awareness raising and influencing the users behaviour toward efficient use of energy in public buildings. 

In Krsko, the smart meters systems are located at the Faculty of Energy Technology. The users of smart meters systems are mostly students. They are able to monitor the consumption of energy in real-time, since the results are constantly visible on the monitors, located in the corridors. Besides that, also the consumption of gas and water are monitored. The obtained results will be compared with the consumptions in the past.

In Maribor, the smart meters systems are installed in students’ dormitories, where the habits of the building users differ from other consumers in public buildings. The smart systems measure the consumption of electricity, heating and water. As well, some sensors in rooms are installed to monitor the comfort of living.