Hegyvidek's study visit to Treviso

Last 10-12 January, Mr Tamas Csoknyai, professor of the University of Budapest and external expert for the Municipality of Hegyvidek, came to Treviso for a three day study trip.

During his visit, Mr Csoknyai took part in the local training with Treviso's stakeholders, talking with them about similarities and differences with Hegyvidek's public buildings involved in the project. Later he saw the renewable energy plants of the Province of Treivso's headquarters and was presented the Province of Treviso's road map for energy efficiency in the local schools and municipalities engaged in TOGETHER.

Finally, Mr Csoknyai visited the Mazzotti upper secondary school for Tourism and Marketing, which is one of the stakeholders in the project. During his visit, he met the students that presented the school activities; saw the school smart meters and energy plants, with the support of the technical staff that manage them; had a meeting with the school energy team that presented the actions they plan to do for energy saving.

Hegyvidek study visit

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