Search for training experts in the field of energy efficiency in public buildings

The consortium of the TOGETHER project is searching for 4 thematic experts that could provide 1-day training each during the Master Train-the-Trainer workshop taking place in Cracow (Poland) on the 20-23 of February 2017. The training is addressed to project partners and aiming to increase their knowledge and training capacities in the area of technical, financial, behavioural and analytical solutions that may be implemented in public buildings to increase their energy efficiency. Therefore, we are looking for 4 types of experts:

  • 1 training expert in technical EE solutions
  • 1 training expert in financial EE solutions
  • 1 training expert in behavioural EE solutions (behavioural DSM)
  • 1 training expert in analytical EE solutions (analytical DSM)

One person can apply for one position only and should take part in 2 days of workshop - the day where he/she will provide training and the day after/before to help in exploring possibilities of integrating different types of measures.
The training will be based on the detailed agenda developed by the consortium with the trainers' input and will be an opportunity to test the TOGETHER training model and material. The presentations / sessions will be delivered jointly by the experienced partners and the trainers. First draft of the agenda may be found below. 
The consortium will cover the costs of the trainers' travel, accommodation and fees up to the agreed level (and within a limit of 1 200 EUR per person). The applications with CVs should be sent to (with copy to till Thursday, 5th of January 2017.
More information about the call, planned training and the role of experts may be found in the full invitation text attached below together with the application forms and other relevant documents:
- Full invitation with the terms of reference
- Draft agenda & methodology of the Master Train-the-Trainer workshop
- Application form for technical training experts
- Application form for financial training experts
- Application form for behavioural training experts
- Application form for analytical training experts
- Evaluation sheet for technical training experts
- Evaluation sheet for financial training experts
- Evaluation sheet for behavioural training experts
- Evaluation sheet for analytical training experts