Successful three years of TRANS³Net have ended but the work continues...

The border area between Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland is characterised by a low level of transnational cooperation between science and industry. Thus, during its project lifetime TRANS³Net shaped the conditions for building up a well working innovation system in this tri-national region. For this reason, TRANS³Net started the establishment of strong ties and a self-sustaining cooperation between ‘transfer promotors’ and further actors of the scientific, economic and public sphere. By involving all key players relevant for knowledge and technology transfer, TRANS³Net provided different measures to overcome the multifaceted obstacles concerning transnational cooperation between science and industry in this very region. By doing this, TRANS³Net contributed significantly to the emergence of collaborative and transational innovation projects in the region which are improving quality of life in a long-term perspective. Furthermore, TRANS³Net piloted different formats that are transferable to other regions and could indeed improve the innovation capacity in all of central Europe. 

TRANS³Net successfully promoted the formation of trustful linkages between innovation-relevant players through piloting various low-threshold event formats like TRANS³ and TRANS³Net.visit for bringing science and industry togehter, TRANS³Net.dialogue for shaping political conditions for transantational transfer and TRANS³ imparting transfer promoting institutions with relevant skills for implementing transational innovation projects. A catalogue with manuals for transferring pilot actions to further regions in Central Europe is available now.

Finally, in September 2020, TRANS³ was established, based on cooperation of in the meantime 9 insitutions from the three projects regions continuting in promoting transnational transfer. Network is based on strategy and action plan elaborated by TRANS³Net team. 

For all results and outputs of TRANS³Net project online tutorials are available describing implementation of various tested measures based on made experiences.

The work of TRANS³ continues after project lifetime. Please find further information on TRANS³´s website.


Output 4

Strategy for TRANS³Net.

The brochure presenting the “Strategy for a transnational network of transfer promotors” including network and regional vision, diagnosis, strategic goals and considerations regards institutional and financial issues.

Output 5

Action plan

The action plan drawn up by the project consortium includes seven fields of activities aiming to promote transnational collaboration of science and businesses in the region. These fields derived from the SWOT analysis and the Strategy for transnational network of transfer promotors.

Output 10

Innovation web platform

Innovation web platform provides more than 75 technology profiles describing applicable research results as starting points for collaborative research and development projects between science and industry in the project region. Profiles formulated from perspective of their economic exploitation. 

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