Taking cooperation forward

After 3 years of the transnational cooperation our project came to the succesful end. Our aim to develop overall social innovation capacities in Central Europe was fulfilled by providing the complex concept and programme for social innovation actors. During last months of the project we faced the challenge of dealing with global pandemic consequences. Happily, we managed to successfuly accoplish all our planned activities. You may learn more about them by getting familiar with the Transnational Strategy and Action Plan which were written at the very end of the project as a result of workshops and inquiries. Among other significant outputs it is worth mentioning that all our 7 local pilots were succesfully finalized. You may learn more about this thanks to the infographic below and descritptions of the local actoins in previous news.  In case of any questoins feel free to get in contact with the lead partner, we will be happy to share the knowledege we gained thanks to this coopertion in the SiM project.