The Gallinara Island and sport

23 May 2018 | Albenga (Italy)

More than 300 swimmers from all over Italy and from abroad took part in the second edition of the ‘Dritti all’Isola’ (Straight to the Island) open water swimming event around the Gallinara Island.

The Gallinara Island sheltered St Martin of Tours between 356 and 360, who was escaping from Milan in order to avoid the Aryan persecutions. The island became a seat of monks and subsequently, of Benedictines. The monastery extended its influence on all the western area of Liguria region, and in 11th century also on Catalonia and Provence. During the 13th and the 14th century the abbey gradually fell into decay. Nowadays the island preserves the monastery ruins, the 16th century tower and the little neo-gothic church. The Island, thanks to its rare Mediterranean vegetation and its uncontaminated environment, has become a Regional Natural Park.