The Lifelong Learning University in Velenje renovated with the support of crowdfunding

Written by KSSENA

The Lifelong Learning University in Velenje is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. In those years it has been fulfilling its mission, offering citizens interesting, high-quality educational programmes, building competences, relationships and intergenerational dialogue. The Lifelong Learning University implements around 350 different programmes and projects each year, and that at least 7,000 people are educated there every year.

The Lifelong Learning University has played a key role in shaping City of Velenje, and today, with a diverse programme, it enables lifelong learning for all generations. It is time to restore the splendour of the building, which will reflect the achievements and successes of its 60 years long existence.

European Union agreed that after 31 December 2020 all new public sector buildings should be nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB). Existing public buildings, which will undergo a complete renovation after 31 December 2020, should also become nZEB buildings. In pursuit of these goals, renovation of the building of the Andragogical Institute of the Lifelong Learning University Velenje will begin in 2020. The energy remediation investment will be funded through three sources:

  • the resources of the European eCentral project,
  • municipal funds and
  • contributions collected through crowdfunding.

In the first phase, we will replace the lighting in the building and repair the parts of the building where the energy loss is greatest (partial change of the porches). We will also install a solar power plant on the roof, which will allow the use of electricity from renewable sources. Based on the funds we collect, we will determine the final scope of the investment.

The potential of crowdfunding is becoming recognised in the field of financing energy projects as a tool that can help accelerate the energy transition of countries and local communities into an energy-saving society and cleaner future. In the City of Velenje, as one of the leading municipalities in Slovenia, operating on sustainable principles and committed to continuous green improvements, we are trying to use all the potential we have to make the transition to a low-energy and low-emission community even faster. Crowdfunding can become a successful way of filling the gaps arising from the financing energy and environmental projects in the municipality, such as the reconstruction of the Lifelong Learning University.

Mass funding is a way of promoting an inclusive society, as it enables citizens to invest in infrastructure that benefits the community and projects that they believe in. With this, they become part of the changes that are happening in their environment.