The big change driver question


In the first semester of NewPilgrimAge project partners selected their so called local Change Drivers to be the key catalysators of the process. Change Drivers are important and respected members of the community who know how to engage and influence potential partners. Besides being a visionary, a Change Driver can translate the goals and main idea of the community to real-life, implementable projects. She/He is driving change through Local Stakeholder Platforms, a process by which a community looks 2-5 years ahead and makes plans for its sustainable future exploiting its Cultural Heritage, primarily linked to the St. Martin legacy.

If you would like to know how to find a Change Driver & work with Local Stakeholder Platforms IN THEORY, read: 
Methodology for appointing Change Drivers & establishment & operation of Local Stakeholder Platforms

If you interested how this worked out IN PRACTICE, read the experiences from Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Slovenia, here:
Reports on Appointing Local Change Drivers

Text: Emese Nánási
Photo credit: AnneJ