Thematic Work Package 1

Developing a new patient-centred cancer care model

This thematic work package will develop a consensus-based model of patient-centred cancer care and related implementtion guidelines that will guide the effective integration of services offered by the five pilot sites  in WP T3. It will use moderated local stakeholder panels to promote dialogue and coordination between oncology & primary care teams, patient groups and policy makers encompassing continuity of care from prevention and early diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation & survivorship.

This WP will particularly focus on new organizational perspectives in cancer care, specifically networks of cancer care at regional/local level as well as interregional/transnational networks among the stakeholders operating at the same level of care.

Evidence suggests that evidence-based guidelines in cancer are often not put into practice, hampering improvement in cancer care and patient outcomes. To achieve this, the implementation of this WP will go through three stages of consensus building:
Stage 1 – a situational analysis of existing care models in pilot regions
Stage 2 – conducting an online survey and follow-up interviews with local stakeholders to identify their expectations for a new model
Stage 3 - Development & adoption of a patient centered cancer care model.

 The bottom-line is that this WP will focus on generating a new care model that local partners, associate partners and patients are committed to through co-design and co-ownership. This level of engagement is translated into helping to shape, test and eventually endorse other INTENT outputs.

Outputs of the Thematic Work Package 1:

  • A patient-centred cancer care model with implementation guidelines
  • Policy recommendations for adopting the patient-centred model and guidelines

For more information or to get involved, contact the Project Coordinator ( and/or Lead Partner of  WPT1: National Cancer Institute – IRCSS CRO AVIANO: 

Participating Partners:
Veneto Institute of Oncology
National Institute of Oncology
National Institute of Public Health Slovenia
Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
Italian Association for Cancer Patients, Relatives and Friends AIMac
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Italy