Thematic Work Package 2:

Developing an online benchmarking tool

This thematic Work Package is focused on adapting a benchmarking tool & building competencies to improve patient-centered care through benchmarking, organisational change and social entrepreneurial solutions. This will specifically be executed through a unique online benchmarking tool.  

The online benchmarking tool will be executed by the Institute of Health Information and statistics of the Czech Republic. An IT expert will prepare a technical plan  for the actual development work on the tool. Also, the partners responsible for significant content in the original Bench-Can tool will provide technical advice during adaption of the tool to incorporate new indicators & online format. 

Development of the two tools will be done over two stages:  
Stage 1:  preparing two new indicator sets (patient-centred cancer care and health innovation) and integrating them into the benchmarking tool
Stage 2:  ongoing review of the tools during their piloting with end-users by local stakeholder panels informing periodic adjustments to the online benchmarking tool (from v1.0 to v2.0) before the final version of the benchmarking tool is ready. 

Central to this development process will be ensuring that the indicator sets in the original Bench-Can tool fit with and can use local information systems. In achieving the online benchmarking tool, this thematic Work Package builds on the WP focusing on patient-centred cancer care models and the WP on piloting in Central European regions, as well as synergies with recent projects, such as:

Output of the Thematic Work Package 2:

  •  Online benchmarking tool

For more information or to get involved, contact the Project Coordinator ( and/or Lead Partner of T2: Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute: &

Participating Partners:
Veneto Institute of Oncology
National Cancer Institute CRO AVIANO
National Institute of Oncology
National Institute of Public Health Slovenia
Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
Italian Association for Cancer Patients, Relatives and Friends AIMac
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Italy