Thematic Work Package 3

Piloting in Central European Regions

This thematic Work Package contributes to testing the online benchmarking tool and patient centere model of care . It will generate knowledge, data and good practice for use in achieving the virtual know-how centre. In concrete terms, this WP will facilitate piloting the guidelines and online benchmarking tool in 5 pilot sites: 

  • the Veneto region in Italy,
  • the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in Italy,
  • South Moravian region of the Czech Republic,
  • Budapest region in Hungary,
  • Slovenia.

Piloting is key to assessing how practical the patient-centred cancer care model and online benchmarking tools are in implementing a patient-centred approach to improve patient benefits and outcomes achieved by public cancer care providers in Central Europe. Each pilot site will have different starting points that will influence the conduct, results and consequences of their benchmarking exercises. Each pilot will be led by a stakeholder panel that will decide how to set up the pilot locally. They will either focus on a specific department, care pathway or the whole organisation depending on their resources and size of the organisation. 

This WP has three stages that will together deliver effective piloting of the tools & the generation of appropriate Performance Improvement Plans: 
Stage 1: assessing the preparadeness of pilot sites to conduct piloting of management information systems to generate the data required for benchmarking,
Stage 2: testing the tools & producing practical Performance Improvement Plans,
Stage 3: external evaluation of the pilot process.  

Critically, benchmarking will be supported using realtime support for problem solving, site visits where needed and comparing results and experience of benchmarking. For the INTENT consortium, this will be the first step toward a long term sustainable collaboration among the partner institutions as the Central European 'spoke' to the Know-How Centre/Hub linked to OECI ( Organisation of European Cancer Institutes - ). INTENT will contribute to establishing a culture of exchange of clinical/professional, communication approaches and ethical considerations as well as information on training opportunities at EU, regional and local levels. The lessons learned during the piloting will also inform policy recommendations made by the consortium and other engaged stakeholders. 

Outputs of the Thematic Work Package 3

  • Five Pilot Actions
  • Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)


For more information or to get involved, contact the Project Coordinator ( and/or Lead Partner of WPT3: National Institute of Oncology, Budapest :

Participating Partners:
Veneto Institute of Oncology
National Cancer Institute CRO AVIANO
National Institute of Public Health Slovenia
Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
Italian Association for Cancer Patients, Relatives and Friends AIMac
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Italy