Thematic Work Package 4

Capacity Building and Virtual Know-how Centre

The main objective of the Work Package is to establish a virtual transnational ‘Know-How’ Centre to inform the continuous improvement of patient-centered care in Central Europe and beyond.  Therefore, this thematic Work Package is focused on the next steps to sustaining and transferring project outputs achieved in the first three thematic Work Packages. The 'Know-How' Centre will be hosted by IHIS . Links to the website of  OECI ( Organisation of European Cancer Institutes - ). and the websites of the members of the European Cancer Patient Coalition ( ) will secure sustainability and wider implementation of INTENT outputs.  

Capacity building will focus on three workshops to improve competencies for implementing a patient-centered care model, how to benchmark effectively & generating innovative solutions. 

Opportunities for social entrepreneurial solutions that improve patient-centred care will be identified in the Performance Improvement Plans of the five pilot sites. Health professsionals & patients/representatives will be shown how to work together to craft innovative solutions to critical performance problems identified during benchmarking. This process requires a small team of 4-6 people in each pilot site to identify a problem to solve (using the Performance Improvement Plan) and then to receive training in a creative thinking process. The teams are given a clear development pathway to develop an innovation idea to address the selected problem and how it will contribute to improving patient-centred cancer care. Local SMEs and innovation support agencies will be approached to provide mentoring to the local teams as appropriate. 

Output of the Thematic Work Package 4: 

  • Virtual 'Know-how' Centre

For more information or to get involved, contact the Project Coordinator ( and/or Lead Partner of WPT4: Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic:

Participating Partners:
Veneto Institute of Oncology
National Cancer Institute CRO AVIANO
National Institute of Oncology
National Institute of Public Health Slovenia
Institute of Oncology Ljubljana
Italian Association for Cancer Patients, Relatives and Friends AIMac
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Italy