TOOLBOX, selection criteria and checklist for MAR location

The second training is connected with the report D.T1.3.3 National training session on TOOLBOX, selection criteria and checklist for MAR location prepared within DEEPWATER CE project. 

This training is an essential course for all those interested in managed aquifer recharge topic and especially in the case of the decision support toolbox and the evaluation process of MAR suitability. The training covers 3 blocks with presentations which are fundamental for successfully running a course. 

1st block – Introduction of decision support toolbox

The presentations will inform on the decision support toolbox in general, about the structure of the toolbox and introduction of the four-steps evaluation process of MAR suitability.

2nd block – General & Specific criteria for potential MAR locations

The topic of information provided will deal with the methods which led to creating the selection criteria for MAR locations. The first one will give an overview about climatological selection criteria at general level as climatological indicators and climate exposure categories. The second one will deal with specific hydrogeological criteria and sensitivity of MAR systems to climate-induced extremes. 

3rd block – Application of the Decision-support toolbox. National example on site selection of specific MAR type

The 3rd block will consist of presentations of national examples with a focus on the project pilot sites. The presentations will be followed by questions and answers on the relevant topic.

This presentation will guide potential users on how to use the toolbox in decision making processes for selecting potential MAR locations. Four-step process will be described on a selected MAR type example which is relevant for national conditions at national and regional level. 

Main aims:

- introduce the decision support toolbox and 4 step evaluation process of MAR suitability
- provide an overview on methods and related general and specific selection criteria for potential MAR locations in Central Europe 
- present an example how to identify potential MAR sites based on selection criteria
- provide a platform for discussion and knowledge share on MAR site selection