Evaluating vineyard microclimate and plant physiology in the Pilot Action 3

Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences (Hungary) and Linz Center of Mechatronics GmbH (Austria) started the field trials to evaluate vineyard microclimate and plant physiology in the Pilot Action 3 of Transfarm 4.0

“Sensor data acquisition for precision viticulture in a Fiware data lake” is the Pilot Action 3 within the Transfarm 4.0 project. This pilot action aims to implement a smart data acquisition system in agriculture, which allows the farmers to monitor and analyze relevant parameters, and to act accordingly. Thus, this pilot action belongs to the innovation domain of “Big and Smart Data Management”. To enable smart data acquisition, a FIWARE system will be created. FIWARE is an open source platform supported by the European Commission as part of the Digital Agenda 2020. A FIWARE context broker is the core component, which gathers, manages and provides access to information coming from different sources (for example sensor nodes). 

Pilot Action 3

This FIWARE aims to be used in agriculture. By creating a FIWARE data acquisition system, several parameters relevant to farmers could be monitored. The sensor data is acquired at several wireless sensor nodes and is sent to the FIWARE context broker, where it can be stored and analyzed. Since FIWARE is an open source platform, no licenses costs occur. According to the FIWARE data acquisition system different cultivation strategies and ecological circumstances in this pilot will be monitored and evaluated concerning canopy microclimate and plant physiology.