Gearing up for carrying out Transfarm 4.0 piloting activities in Maribor, Slovenia

Several activities are underway as part of the pilot action 2.

Together with project partners CREA and AE-ROBO.NET, the University of Maribor is developing an advanced lidar system for detecting the presence and properties of the canopy, which is installed on the Maschio Gaspardo Group Turbo Teuton sprayer with adjustable output tubes. The sensor system readings allow the localisation of accurate opening and closing of valves in real time, thus reducing the consumption of plant protection products, but maintaining a protective effect. The key advantages of the evolving system are the use of the most advanced sensor and modern nebuliser, and there is no need for additional data for precise operation, such as GPS system measurements (no subscription for correction, no problem with correction failures, no errors due to deviations from the actual position). So far we have carried out laboratory and preliminary tests in relevant environment. In the coming weeks, however, in-depth tests and analyses in the real environment will follow. As part of the course Professional Practitioners, students are also involved in the activity.

Maschio Gaspardo Mist blower


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