A curious and untypical travel through the Via Sancti Martini: the Transnational Idea Fair in Treviso!


On 30th March, Unpli Veneto hosted the Transnational Idea Fair and every Partner of the project presented their works and the ideas they will realize in their area. But it was not a traditional fair: the partnership decided to innovate the way to organize such events and decided to reproduce, in the 700 square meters hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso, the path of Via Sancti Martini! And to open it to people.

Like in a real travel, visitors travelled from Country to Country, City by City represented by NPA partners, discovering the life of our Saint Martin and the heritage related to him that enrich their territory in a special way. How? Playing! So…thought some funny games that every partner hosted in their station! From normal travellers, participants became architects, fishermen, porters.. with only a goal:  to obtain a stamp on their “New Pilgrim Passport” and re-discover the St.Martin heritage of Europe! At the end of their travel and collected every stamp, our New Pilgrimers knew a bit more about Saint Martin and our project.

Beside that 2 artistic workshops were held, particularly funny for children: they could re-descover to stamp on paper and how to design and print on textiles, always following the footsteps of Saint Martin.

A lot of children visited our Fair and we are very satisfied of our event, also because it was a chance to work with our transnational partners. Surely we will keep in our mind and heart this successful Fair and that playing is a good way to stay together and reach shared aims!

This was also the occasion to Unpli Veneto to involve new stakeholders in their activities and to present the concrete work the partnership is doing in the field and to confirm their linking role in the Veneto Region territory, bringing together communities and Institutions. Will it be the first real stone on the development of Via Sancti Martini in Italy?