Study trip to Třebíč, Czech republic by Žilina self-governing region

On 22 February 2018, representative of Zilina self-governing region and stakeholders from the region visited the public terminal in the City of Trebic. They were become acquainted with the project preparation, engineering and design, permitting and supervision services. The project features a “state-of-the art” sustainable transport solution with a multimodal exchange platform, combining a bus terminal, train terminal, park & ride, kiss & ride and bike facilities. The project has been co-financed via European Structural Funds and its overall CAPEX exceeds 3.0 mil. EUR.

The project involved the construction of a new bus station in close proximity to existing Třebíč train station, including the construction of a Park&Ride parking lots. The project created a single functional unit – a public transport terminal. Crossroads that connect the terminal to the road network were rebuilt and traffic signals and utility lines were reconstructed. A light- signalling system, a gate system and a passenger information system were installed at the terminal.

Railway and bus station in Třebíč is a part of the local and regional bus and rail transportation system. It was upgraded to better serve the traveling public. This project also addresses the call for a multimodal integration of local/city transport networks, regional transport systems and transnational transport axes, in particular TEN-T. The integration of these different transport levels supports and improves transport interconnectivity and accessibility of Central Europe. People living in the region may access Třebíč by an integrated bus and rail transport. The new transfer terminal has facilitated travelling, accelerated and simplified transfer for the passengers and enhanced continuity of individual connections. The new transfer terminal is the biggest investment in transport infrastructure of the past two decades.