Green Club in Hegyvidék 

Malaria in Central Europe? The possible connections between climate change and health risks were discussed in Hegyvidék’s Green Club

More than 50 people showed up in Hegyvidék to hear about the possible health risks caused by climate change. The lecturer Mr. Zoltán Csima, epidemiologist from Semmelweis University gave an interesting presentation about how changing weather condition like rising temperature can help the spread of tropic diseases such as malaria, or dengue-fever in locations where it had not been prevalent before. Although the audience seemed a bit frightened from what they had heard, but Mr. Csima emphasized that these effect would only cause serious harms if we do not try to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change. One of the most significant risks are cause by the rising temperature in urban heat island, but luckily these negative effects can be reduced with the adequate management of urban green spaces, and programs like UGB.