Press conference 

Nova Gorica (SI) - On 7th of February 2017 researchers from the Research station of ZRC SAZU Nova Gorica organised a press conference at the Municipality of Nova Gorica, where they presented their recent studies on the 70th anniversary of the beginning t of the construction of city Nova Gorica. Jasna Fakin Bajec, the coordinator of Urban green belts project at ZRC SAZU, highlighted the new approaches in planning, management and maintenance of urban green spaces   in the cities, which are becoming more and more important green infrastructure for creating more healthy and liveable urban environments. She explained the main purposes and objectives of UGB project as well, where she concentrated on the main  output of the project - Smart governance manual on integrated urban green spaces management, which will be an available tool for future planning of UGS (Urban green belts) in Nova Gorica, as well.

Press Conference, Nova Gorica

In her presentation she firstly highlighted the advantages of well developed and maintained UGS, which can make the air cleaner, reduce urban noise, improve the urban climate, keep urban ecological balance, promote biodiversity, and improve urban economy (tourism, sport industry) in the contemporary densely populated cities. Additionally, she mentioned the purposes of the development of the innovative smart methods and tools for planning and management of UGS (such as Green Infrastructure for providing ecological, economic and social benefits, participatory approaches and community involvement into planning and implementation processes, and multi-stakeholder and integrated governance). She especially concentrated on the new ways of the integrated governing and need of including the perception and voice of different sectors, among local decision-making bodies, experts (urban planners, architect, and geographers) and businessman also the citizens. Furthermore, she presented the role of ZRC SAZU team, which works on the development of community involvement into UGS planning and maintenance.