Spring is coming!

Last Thursday, Hegyvidék held its second meeting for the participants of the stewardship programme.

Even though there is some Siberian cold now in Hungary with -15 celsius, spring is almost here! That's why Hegyvidék's Green Office organised a meeting for its stewards to help them revive their small green spaces. With the help our expert who is a gardener and also a landscape architect participants could learn about the needs of their flowers and plants, and heard some tick and trips about the secrets of gardening. Each steward had the chance to have a private session with our expert where they could set up a planting plan together, so everyone could have their flowers according to their tastes. In order to help them, we distributed gardening tools for each location. When the workshop was done we quickly transformed into an unofficial community building session where everybody could learn each other while planting tulips and daffodills. We believe that the involvement of the community have a significantly positive effect on the maintainance of urban green spaces! See you next time!

Green Office meeting