Therapic gardens in Prague

Hegyvidék visited Prague in order to get a better understanding of their pilot concepts and learn from each other.

Staff of the Green Office of Hegyvidék and one REC representative visited the 6th district of Prague in order to have a better understanding about each other’s pilot activities. On the first day of the trip, after a discussion about the recent management activities, the participants visited the three possible pilot areas. As none of them is in the city centre it was a nice exercise to approach them by public transport and on foot. The first possible area is surrounded by a kindergarten, and three block of flats. It seems that the nearby community would be keen to invest in the maintenance of the foreseen therapic  garden, where both the elderly and disabled children could do the gardening barrier-free. The next possible pilot are is close to a senior house, while the third one is although far from residential buildings, but could be used for activities involving social enterprises. The second day of the visit also started with some discussion as it was time for Budapest to share its experience about activities carried out in the multi-stakeholder governance framework. Prague 6 gave great feedback about the tree council idea and everyone agreed that the involvement of multi-level actors in management and decision making is necessary to create sustainable urban green spaces. Next time the partners are meeting in Salzburg for discussing project results at the mid-term review with officials from the Joint Secretariat.

pilot site 1
pilot site 3
pilot site 21