UGB in Gallery Frnaža

ZRC SAZU team from Nova Gorica presented their work in art Gallery Frnaža in the middle of Nova Gorica recently. It was also heard about the UGB project, as colleagues from ZRC SAZU team are currently working on the model for participatory planning and maintenance of UGS (urban gree spaces) - methods, techniques and tools for active involvement of communities in smart governance of UGS. Sustainable planning, development and maintenance of urban green spaces (UGS) require the cooperation between different sectors and actors: local decision-making bodies, experts (urban planners, architect, geographers, anthropologist, sociologist, etc.), businesses and, not least, citizens. Until recently, citizens (including NGOs and various communities, as well as vulnerable populations) were only sporadically involved in decision-making and planning processes, which resulted in urban development practices that failed to account for citizens’ ideas and needs. 

Gallery Frnaza