The 8th URBAN INNO Project Steering Committee meeting was held in Košice, Slovakia, at 10th October 2018. The meeting was the opportunity for partnership to discuss recent and upcoming activities within the project thematic work packages, management and communications.

Newly established Quadruple-helix urban innovation (4UI) networks, including Maribor innovation network, are now focused on final task within URBAN INNO project: creating the Urban innovation action plans for the target regions. The plans will set the objectives, priorities, timeframes and budget for next 5 years, contributing to stable efforts for urban innovations in each region.

A Transnational urban innovation cooperation strategy, including financing and implementation plan will be developed jointly and agreed upon by the partners by the April 2019. It will describe, in addition to common strategic goals, a number of actions to be implemented on transnational level, including roadmaps for implementation with responsibilities, budget and timeline. The Transnational urban innovation cooperation strategy will be validated and signed by all partners.

As for the Toolbox for smart participatory methods and tools, the partners will provide the description of cases where the Toolbox has been used within URBAN INNO local pilot projects. This will lead to improvement of the Toolbox and its final version, which will be translated on partners’ native languages.

Once again, the main focus of the meeting was on 9 pilot projects and participatory methods/tools which were tested within the pilots. The evaluation of the pilots, based on collection of the basic required information from a participatory event executed within URBAN INNO pilot projects, is planned to be finnalized upon the end of the 5th reporting period. The partners will also provide a complete pilot elaborations, with focus on lessons learned and actual outcomes.

The next, and the last PSC meeting before the final conference, will be held in Vorarlberg (AT).

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Tina Ragužin (Rijeka) and Christin Eckerle (CyberForum)

Tina Ragužin (Rijeka) and Christin Eckerle (CyberForum) in opening part of the meeting

URBAN INNO partnership

URBAN INNO partnership with Marco Combetto (Informatica Trentina) in front

Dr. Frantisek Janke (TUKE)

Dr. Frantisek Janke (TUKE) on how to correctly pronounce Košice :)