Burgenland 4UI network and pilot promoted at E-nova 2018

For 22 years now, the e-nova, as one of the largest scientific specialist conferences in Burgenland, has been focusing on energy and buildings. The program focused on BIM (Building Information Modeling), data security, augmented reality and the influence of the new generation of building technicians, who can provide exciting new perspectives as digital natives. Experts also exchanged views on legal developments in the sector, discussed smart energy networks and building automation. Especially up-to-date: New demands on the industry due to climate change, sustainable concepts and the building itself.

The Department of Energy-Environmental Management at FH Burgenland has been working (research and teaching) for over 25 years on environmental and building issues. With almost 200 visitors, the e-nova is one of the largest specialist conferences in Burgenland. The sessions of e-nova 2018 were presented by experts from the Burgenland University of Applied Sciences and Research Burgenland as well as by national and international speakers from the Technical Universities of Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, the Universities of Applied Sciences Upper Austria and Carinthia Danube University Krems, the University of Biberach or the companies AVL List GmbH, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, 4ward Energy Research GmbH, GAP solution GmbH, ATP sustain GmbH.

Forschung Burgenland has attended with an URBAN INNO booth to present results made in the last project period.  The focus was set on forwarding information gained during the pilot project and promote further the toolbox and its participatory methods. Furthermore, it was quite a good opportunity to promote the Innovation Network of Burgenland in the sector.

The main benefit of the participation was to get in contact with experts in the field of energy and building technologies and to have the possibility to talk to companies of the region to promote our network. Furthermore we found out that many students, who attended the event, where already familiar with participatory methods and were interested to learn more about it and to visit the online toolbox. We explained them what we did during the pilot project and talked about our experiences made. 

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E-nova 2018 International conference

E-nova 2018 International conference