The Launch Event of the Rijeka Urban Innovation quadruple-helix (4UI) network took place on the 10th of May 2018 at the City hall of the City of Rijeka. The event, organised by Rijeka Core team members, was a part of ‘Days of Open Doors of EU projects’ event which was held from 6th until the 13th of May 2018 in more than 60 different locations in Croatia.

The Launch Event was opportunity to present Rijeka 4UI network, not only to members of the URBAN INNO Rijeka team and its partners, but to interested citizens as well. Participants showed great interest in presentation and expressed their desire for further information about the next step in Rijeka UI4 network development.

In the beginning of the event, Ms Tina Ragužin (City of Rijeka), project manager, introduced the Rijeka Core team to participants and proceeded with presentation about URBAN INNO project in general.

Ms Iva Ribarić (City of Rijeka), project communication manager, was in charge of explaining the idea behind Rijeka 4UI network and the road to its establishment. After lively discussion between participations, Mr. Damir Medved (Ericsson Nikola Tesla) presented Rijeka Pilot, which is closely connected with the establishment of the Urban Innovation network Rijeka. Mr Medved explained, on practical example, how the future Citizen Collaboration Platform (as a main part of the pilot) will function and how will it benefit to the City of Rijeka and its citizen. The launch event was perfect opportunity for Rijeka Core team to present the Memorandum of Understanding, the agreement whose purpose is to establish cooperation between members of the network.

In conclusion, this event showed that Rijeka 4UI Network is the first step in creating a sustainable smart environment in the City of Rijeka as a Smart City that will encourage innovations in services, technology and products.

About Rijeka 4UI Network

Rijeka 4UI network will position itself as a center of development and application of smart cities projects and technologies with the aim of improving citizens’ quality of life and standard of living. Her mission is to include and support local SMEs, research organizations and civil society to use innovation potential and create new added value for the local economy and local community.

List of the founding members of 4UI network

City of Rijeka

Smart RI d.o.o.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.

University of Rijeka – Centre for support to smart and sustainable cities

Exevio d.o.o.

Multilink d.o.o.

SMART - Association for Civil Society Development

Ms. Tina Ragužin presenting URBAN INNO project

Ms. Tina Ragužin presenting URBAN INNO project

Ms. Iva Ribarić presenting newly established Rijeka 4UI network

Ms. Iva Ribarić presenting newly established Rijeka 4UI network

Mr. Damir Medved presenting Citizen Collaboration Platform

Mr. Damir Medved presenting Citizen Collaboration Platform