Vorarlberg Pilot: Projekt Markt Platz

Within the framework of the ‘Project Market Place’, the students of the 4th semester International Business Management of the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg presented the results of their practice projects together with corresponding business support organizations, during 7/8th July 2017 in Dornbirn, Austria. In eight weeks, students developed solutions and concepts for the companies from the Lake Constance region in the area of logistics and operational project and process management.
The projects relate to real problems of the companies and enable an authentic implementation of the proposed methods. FHV working team of URBAN INNO project and pilot on e-mobility presented participatory platform by simulation of innovative approaches in business modelling based on application of collaborative student-business-academy model. Subsequently, citizens and other stakeholders were involved in the process of model’s co-creation through further dialogue with the participants.

The event aimed to present new solutions introduced in the business co-modelling thorough students’ participation, as well as to promote participative models and advantages provided in the process of co-creation. The audience had the opportunity to gain knowledge on the advantages and importance of maximization of innovative potentials within the CE ecosystems by encouraging better linkage between actors within the system. In this regard, URBAN INNO project uncovered the opportunities of citizens’ involvement and linkage between all the actors through quadruple helix clustering. In further steps, FHV’s pilot presented the opportunities in the field of innovative and participative e-mobility solutions. The close collaboration between students, academy and business partners in the representation of innovative participative platform solutions fostered dialogue with all the stakeholders and provided additional recommendations for further improvements.

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Projekt Markt Platz

Participatory e-mobility solutions presented at Projektmarktplatz, Dornbirn, Austria