University of Turin

The University of Turin (UNITO) is a one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian higher education and research centers. The UNITO’s purposes are exclusively and uniquely academic. It is a public institution aiming at "higher education, and scientific and technological research” (art. 1, University of Turin Statute). The University has a clear governance structure in accordance with the principle of autonomy established by Italian law in 1989. It defines its own Statute and regulations on educational, scientific, organisational, administrative, financial and accounting activities.

Partner role in the PPI2Innovate project

The University of Turin (UNITO) will be the leader of TWP1 and will take role of teaching and network partner. UNITO will contribute in creating capacity development programs for procuring officials and developing innovative tools available for smart public purchasers to the final goal of building sound public procurement procedures for safeguarding integrity, efficiency and sustainability and fostering innovation in public procurement. In cooperation with other teaching partners UNITO as WP leader will be responsible for further development of materials to be customized to national frameworks of PPI2Innovate Package (it includes PPI2Innovative interactive process management & decision supporting tool, PPI2Innovate e-learning course for procurers, PPI2Innovative awareness creating package, Knowledge compendium).

As network member, UNITO will be responsible for Competence Centre in Italy and make use of its networking capacities - especially alongside the REGIONE PIEMONTE - for accomplishing satisfactory dissemination and promotion of the project outcomes and deliverables. UNITO will create PPI2Innovate Map of their region where 8 implementable PPI projects will be identified. One PPI project will be identified to be realized as a pilot with dual piloting partner. In cooperation with other PPs UNITO will create Action plan for our Competence Centre.