Urban walk in Idrija 

Idrija (Slovenia)
Activity: Urban walk
Target: Civil society
Participants: General public, Decision makers, Technicians, Local public authority, Sectoral agency, Higher education and research 

Urban walk in Idrija

Urban walk event was taken as an opportunity to involve local participants and discuss with them the topic of planning urban development and challenges of sustainable development related to Historic Built Area.

The urban walk in Idrija focused on architectural and historical features of the Idrija city center and to lead conversation about heritage and the ways people use cities. The walk lead mr. Cveto Koder as local architect and former mayor with in deep knowledge on HBA development in Idrija. dr.Vlasta Vodeb (PP8, UIRS) complemented the walk with comments on accessibility.

Urban walk was concepted as a walk with 3 stops: Mestni trg, Galerija sv. Barbare and Trg sv. Ahacija.
After the walk we have final discussion and presentation of BhENEFIT project

The entire old town center is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. 
Idrija’s city center developed just above the mine, so the development of the mine influenced the development of the town and its urban structure. 
Old town center is heritage-rich, with impressive architectural and cultural heritage that needs further protection. On the other hand there is poor social life in the city center, empty public spaces, poor retail offer; lack of urban furniture and open spaces are dominated by parked cars.
City center and its historical buildings could be more adapted to the modern needs and accessible to all users, especially older people and disabled.

Special focus in urban walk in Idrija was to point on the importance on finding the right balance between preservation of UNESCO heritage site and daily needs people to ensure sustainable HBA management, especially high quality of living and accessibility for all city center users.