Visit of am-LAB & sharing of best practices 

Ljubljana, 22. July 2019

Project partners, PBN and TPLJ met on the 21st of June at am-LAB in Szombathely, Hungary.

am-LAB is lab dedicated to innovation, be it 3D printing, robotics or VR simulation, its team is dedicated to inspiring innovation, and offer a place for talents to meet entrepreneurs. It is also a place where companies can come and find partners to help with their research, should it be a simple product modification/upgrade or a completely new technology.

TPLJ recently opened its very own XR Lab in which it intends to collect most recent technologies and explore their potential, offer a space for students and entrepreneurs to test & develop VR/AR technologies and a meeting point for the public to get to know technologies that will shape our future. But, being in a nascent phase, TPLJ was excited to learn from PBN and see what kind of approaches work best and what areas need to be fostered the most. The visit definitely proved that a good Lab needs even better personnel, not only management-wise but also technology-wise. Having a space also offers an opportunity to serve as a promotional platform, which can be a source of revenue. Additionally, TPLJ learned that am-LAB offers lectures on digitalisation to companies, which is something TPLJ can consider in the near future.

The visit concluded with a presentation of TPLJ’s VR Lab and community. 

by Urska Rauter