Work Package Communication

The main objective of the WPC is dissem. of the project result to a wider audience and to engage additional stakeholders that are keen on the project topic. Following start-up activities, which includes elaborating of commun. strategy, setting up the project’s website to be updated regularly, mostly via storytelling, photos & video clips. The digital activities, considered to be the modern up-to-date tool for connecting to the target group will play a crucial role. Social media accounts will be opened and short (1-2 minutes) thematic video clips will be uploaded to touch the users.

Specific targeted events will be organized, e.g. tool trainings, webinars and Kick-off event in every HUC to involve
additional stakeholders. The project results will be also promoted through presence at relevant thematic cross-fertilization
events. Media coverage will be ensured by regular press contacts (accompanied by Infographics that reflects data in more visual
presence). 3 promotional materials (office and thematic promotional items) are to be produced and disseminated. A project
leaflet will be created and also e-Best Practice Data Bank. All project results will be put on the webpage. The wider audience will
be informed also through 6-monthly newsflashes and gain a new knowledge by 2 thematic webinars to connect more scientific
audience. Since the consortium consist also from the university team (PP9) 3 conference publications and 1 journal publication
will be released.

General Feedback measurement form will be prepared to evaluate the satisfaction of the participants at the
events. PP10 will prepare the design templates which will be later on produced by PPs. All PPs provide the content for website,
newsflashes and profiles. LP, PP4, PP6, PP8 and PP10 organize the seminar on energy storages for additional stakeholder,
additionally also the tool training is organized by them. LP organizes the final conference in SI.