Work Package Investment 1

Energy management of the Bracak Manor with PV and batteries integrated with existing energy systems

The recently renovated Bračak Manor is already equipped with wood pellets boiler for heating, micro CHP for hot water and
power production during summer, air-water heat pump system for cooling and heating in transitional periods, wall insulation on
the inside and energy efficient windows and doors, efficient lighting system, HVAC system, advanced central BMS for monitoring
of heating, cooling and energy consumption, rainwater harvesting for irrigation of green areas and wastewater treatment as well
as electric vehicle charging station. It is planned to add a properly sized photovoltaic system and battery storage to it (up to 10
kWp and 10 kWh, in accordance with placement decisions and sizing decided during the pilot preparation phase). The already
existing systems will be combined with the new ones through an advanced energy management ICT system that can be built on
top of the already existing central monitoring system as a coordination service that optimally exploits different available assets.
The introduced energy management system will inherit the preview projects (3Smart) in which its modular parts for zone-level
comfort management and management of production, consumption and energy storage within the buildings microgrid will be
combined with newly introduced BMS modules for central HVAC system management based on wood pellets boiler for heating,
heat pump for cooling and air handling units.
Linked to thematic WP 2, pilot action in Croatia.

Investment costs breakdown:
10 kWp photovoltaic Systems, components and installation: 20.000 EUR
10 kWh battery system (bank) with power converter and installation: 35.000 EUR
Energy management integration costs including server and build-up of an open two-way database upon which energy
management algorithms are implemented for optimal coordination of the energy systems with the possibility of prediction and
cost management: 35.000 EUR