Work Package Investment 2

Sloping elevator in Cuneo

In 2009, the city of Cuneo has realized a Public Sloping Elevator that allows to get to the city centre in only 45 second.The
elevator connects a large suburban parking with more than 400 spaces to the city centre, transporting 25 people per route.
During the 2017 the sloping elevator has carried out more than 150.000 rides, with an increase in use of 5% compared to the
previous year. The mobility connection service of the sloping elevator could be improved thanks to an energy efficiency
refurbishment. The pilot project aims to realize a new energy storage system linked to a PV plant, replacing some inefficient
plant components:NEW STORAGE SYSTEM-The old chemical battery will be replaced with a new Superconducting Magnetic
Energy Storage (SMES). This kind of battery are more efficiency in fact the SMES loses the least amount of electricity in the
energy storage process compared to other methods of storing energy. SMES systems are highly efficient; the round-trip
efficiency is greater than 95%. They also have a much higher number of charge / discharge cycles compared to traditional

ENERGY EFFICIENCY OF TECHNICAL ROOM - Intervention of insulation and insulation of the technical room of the
automation panels in such a way as to mitigate the thermal changes due to atmospheric agents and guarantee a more constant
operating temperature for the electronic components of the plant.PV PLANT-Interventions on plant parts with integration of the
power system using photovoltaic panels: an evaluation will be carried out on how to integrate for some parts of the plant the
power supplied by the grid operator with the installation of photovoltaic panels that will have the function of guaranteeing the
functioning of the same with a saving of consumed electric energy. COST ESTIMATED: The investment for the energy
requalification of the lift amounts to a total of 99.210,40 € divided as follows: a)for works € 73,000.00, b)for design €
8,320.00, c)VAT22% on a) and b) 17.890€.