Work Package Investment 3

Paraffin based latent storages in connection with geothermal district heating system in Lendava

Lendava Petrol Geoterm (Infrastructure provider and energy distributor) build in 2003 a district heating system with geothermal
energy. The building of Lendava Library is located in the Oskar Laubhaimer's neo-baroque villa from 1906 and it is still heated by
fossil fuel – residual fuel oil. The current average annual heat consumption is 60.159 kWh on a heated area of 498 m². Together
with the electric consumption (39.986 kWh), they have an annual energy consumption of 201 kWh per square meter. Lendava
Library produce annually 16,8 tons of CO related to space heating. The connection to the existing geothermal network would
reduce this amount to zero. With this pilot investment we will achieve: 1. Connection of the building (Lendava Library) to the
existing geothermal pipeline/distribution network - to use it for space heating (150m of new pipeline, heat exchanger, thermal
regulation system, construction works, etc.) 75.000€; 2. Installation of an innovative energy storing system - paraffin based latent
storages (40 pieces; sizes 2,5m x 1m x 1m)-25.000€. Paraffin cells are innovative buffer storages that have been developed to
efficiently store heat and cold generated from small irregular energy sources such as solar energy, heat pumps etc. Thermal
energy storage technologies and geothermal district heating systems have the potential to play a significant role in the transition
towards 100% renewable energy systems through increasing system flexibility and overall efficiency and thus reduce CO
emissions and increase domestic energy security, additional reduce the costs of heating. There are several advantages of latent
paraffin-based storages against the “usual” thermal heat storages: Require less space – smaller dimensions; Less temperature
loss; Less reactivity with the environment and less likelihood of leakage as it changes phases; Better heat transfer
performances=higher efficiency=lower heating costs. This investment is linked to thematic WP2-D.T2.2.9.