Work Package Management

The Work Package Management consists in the whole project life cycle. It's composed by 4 different activities and it will produce the usual deliverables required by EU funded projects. WPM is under the responsibility of the Lead Partner (LP) project coordinator that will supervise 1 Project Manager, 1 Financial Manager and 1 Communication manager.

The LP will be in contact with the Central Europe's Joint secretariat and Managing Authority and will ensure partners are informed and acting according to the financial and technical reporting requirements of the Programme; financial evaluation procedures will be executed based on national controllers’ and JS’s rules; deadlines will be respected.

The LP will manage the project administrative-financial issues, justify and solve any deviations from the AF timeline by emailing and phoning to the PPs; internally verify the individual expenditures and content related reports of PPs. LP will assure a quality check of the deliverables. PPs will ensure to meet the internal and official delivery deadlines.

The decision-making system will be moderated by the Steering Group Committee, set up at the kick off meeting and composed by 1 member per PPs. LP will operate to prevent potential conflicts and support partners in problems solving with the support of the SC. The internal communication flows will be guaranteed, in addition to the standard ICT, by a regular three-monthly TELCO through public available online tools and by an on-line share point for supporting material. The project management handbook will provide a short version of AF, define the tasks of PPs and all relevant information required concerning the time plan coherent with the internal Gantt chart table, responsibilities, quality plan and risk issues.