Work Package T1

Feasibility of energy storages in HUC and stakeholder involvement

WPT1 aims to establish the deployment desks (a group of stakeholders) in each region enabling to engage various stakeholders
(local decision-makers, representatives of municipalities, infrastructure providers, sectoral agencies, independent energy
experts, etc.) in the process of energy storage piloting and planning. Additionally, by involving the stakeholders and having the
meetings a wider consensus will be gained on the pilot actions and get the insight of the energy storage environment to better
planning the measures toward energy efficiency which is the first specific objective. By exchanging the experiences, the
cooperation is ensured.

Feasibility studies for pilot region (IT, AT, CRO SI) will be conducted to outline the constraints and
solutions from various aspects (technical, economic, monumental protection, status quo of HUC, ensure further implementation
actions) to implement the pilot at the historical sites. Main outcomes of a thematic work package are: Stakeholder concept on
the deployment characterises how to involve the stakeholders, the methods, time plan, etc., and Assessment of the current
constraints for the establishment of energy storages in HUCs and action plan for further steps. They contribute to achievement
of the expected project results which are: increased the capacities and knowledge of the relevant stakeholders and civil servants
from the municipalities, especially by exchanging the experiences and know-how within deployment desks. The results of the
assessment will be exploited by PPs and stakeholders in further planning or implementation processes.

Partnership consists of technical partners (PP4, PP5, PP6, PP9), which take over the theoretical part of the Store4HUC, public authorities (PP2, PP7) provide the support in implementation and sectoral agencies or companies (LP, PP3, PP8, PP10) recruit the stakeholders and
moderate the meetings and linked different sides. AP11 leads the role of supervising of monumental protection aspect.