Work Package Thematic 3

Setting up the tools for energy management and evaluation of the impact of energy storages for HUC

In WP the objective is to present the impact of integration of energy storage systems in HUC. Based on the technical & legal
framework of integrating efficiently energy storage systems in HUC affordable solutions will be used to demonstrate the
matured combination of renewable energy sources & energy storages. Both will be controlled via adapted EMS tool able to
maintain & to balance the overall system. Available experiences of selected case study sites and of other running projects will be
used in a consolidated way. This foremost relates to energy management software tools inherited by partners from preview
projects like e.g. Interreg Danube 3Smart which is coordinated by this WP leader – PP9.

The tools adaptation will be concepted realized and finalized through pilot verifications and interactions, by development PPs (PP9, PP4). After that the establishment o a software tool to interpret autarky rates due to the integration of RES in HUC occurs. The autarky rate is interpreted with a additional checklist. Economical, technical and ecological impacts of the calculated autarky rate are evaluated. Furthermore, i will be examined which performance effects are generated from different renewable energy sources. The gathered informatio will then be presented via the online tool which will be available for the public for free. An online guide will be elaborated guiding the users through the relevant functions of the tool. Every partner will be trained in the use & all partners will afterwards
organize training sessions with members of the deployment desks & invited external experts to educate them on the use & to
show corresponding benefits. The acceptance and further usage of the tool will be agreed within the deployment desks and
officially committed with the signed memorandum of understanding for the future use of the tools. It is anticipated to engage 8
additional institituions (public institutions, public utilities,) applying for the tools via deployment desk.