Workpackage 1

ENERGY@SCHOOL Workpackage 1 objective is to carry out a customized analysis and develop several Tools that will be part of the Common Strategy For Smart Schools (CSSS) and sustain Energy Guardians EGs and schools in implementation and management of EE/RES interventions.

In order to raise the capacity of the public sector to implement Energy Smart Schools, an integrated approach will be used to educate and train teachers and students to become Senior and Junior Energy Guardians.  As a starting point, a thorough energy consumption analysis was carried out within 70 schools belonging to the project partners Municipalities. Data collection and analysis phase were implemented by applying a specific Calculation Model conceived and developed from scratch. The Model is based on homogeneous criteria and a common methodology at European level concerning the evaluation of energy consumption in school-facilities and performances and the assessment of priority of Energy Efficiency interventions that should be applied. The Model, easily used by Energy Managers, is available for free-of-charge re-use to any school throughout Europe that would like to undergo the same analysis and it represents the first significant result that will enable new developments even outside the project. Moreover, an inventory of applicable technologies for Energy Saving and RES application in schools was made, and several decision-support tools were analyzed, in order to facilitate the decisions of EGs on actions to be undertaken for school Energy Efficiency (EE).

laptop workshop