Industrial Culture - 'An endogenous nucleus of identity'

Priming Industrial Culture as a unique feature of regional identity

Industrial Culture constitutes a reliable and authentic common ground of internal reference for industrial communities. Being a dynamic socio-cultural concept, Industrial Culture is - different from a plain recourse to the 'golden past' - capable of evolving along with a transforming economic environment. It can be utilised for creating positive external perception which represents a soft location factor for attracting people and business, including tourism.

This Work Package compiled a range of awareness-raising activities:

  • Industry goes public: Promoting cultural resources for industry
  • Industrial tourism combining heritage and present
  • Image-shaping through industry-related cultural events, interlinked by a travelling 'Industrial Caravan'

All activities were laid out to connect industrial heritage and current/upcoming cultural resources. Partners actively engaged a wide range of stakeholders (chambers of commerce, companies, museums, universities,...).

The Work Package holds three main inputs:

  • Action plans for raising awareness on Industrial Identity
  • Implementation of pilot actions showcasing industry and its cultural offers through exhibitions and installations.
  • A transnational mapping tool for promotion of industrial tourism, set up by scientists

Throughout the WP, research partners supported with input, moderation, reflection and evaluation.