Web meeting with representatives of institutions at EU level

Transnational cooperation can provide an important support for regions, municipalities and local actors to reduce the risks of heavy rain. In the web meeting “Heavy Rain risk Management and Emergency Response” three RAINMAN project partners introduced a success story from the field of emergency response and shared practical experiences from Austria and Germany. During the meeting it was presented and discussed how the dynamics of this success story might be further used in the future. In this context, the cooperation of different transnational projects in the field of adaptation to climate change in the water sector was outlined. Participants from European Institutions, e.g. the Directorate-General for Climate Action or the Saxony Liaison Office Brussels, and national stakeholders from Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Italy provided valuable input and showed great interest in the RAINMAN results.

The web meeting was organised as an alternate meeting for an events at the Saxony Liaison Office Brussels in March that had to be cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.


Picture source: R. Hornich, Office of the Styrian Government